Senior Year Recap

Senior year was one of the toughest yet rewarding of the 4. For those who don’t know I attended Marquette University majoring in communication studies and minoring in advertising. I have a passion for many things including cooking, writing, basketball and music. I plan on pursuing something within these fields.



Senior year started off great! I was more motivated than ever to excel academically as I wanted to finish my college career as best as I could. This was the first semester I stayed on top of things the entire semester and I can count on one hand the amount of times I procrastinated. I ended the semester on a high note despite finding out my father had cancer. In all honesty, I did it for him. He told me to “ace them finals,” and that I did.


With Black Student Council, we had several successful events throughout the year including our “Welcome Black to Marquette” “Ebony Ball” and many more! I will forever be grateful for this organization as it was one of the few things that always made me feel included at Marquette. BSC gave me the opportunity to host events on campus, which I loved. I also got to be part of the reason other students felt welcomed and gave them something to look forward to outside of the classroom. All the events pertained to something I cared about and could relate to. We also got the opportunity to give back by doing community service which always made me feel good.




During my second semester, I caught a serious case of senioritis between classes, work and trying to spend free time with my father. I struggled to keep my motivation as I was simply done mentally. I found it hard to stay focused but I knew I had to keep going because my dad wanted nothing more than to see my walk the stage in May. Although he passed three weeks before, I managed to still pull through and do well on my finals- for him. It hurt not having him there physically, but all the love and support I received from my family and friends was overwhelming in the best way possible.






Senior year taught me so much. It taught me how truly strong I am and can be. We all go through things, but like the famous saying, “It’s not about what happens to you, it’s about how you react.” I was faced with so much adversity, from financial to personal, but I am glad that I made it through and made my family proud.


I was blessed to grow closer with some of my friends, make some new ones and let go of the ones who were toxic. They truly kept me sane and I’d like to think our late-night talks (with wine of course) made it all worth it.

Next up for me I will be moving to Texas, where I plan to continue with schooling and work. I love my city but it’s time for me to branch out and takeover a new city- Houston!


  • Take college serious! Take that opportunity to excel, network and experience. It’ll make all the difference in the long run.
  • Don’t force relationships- old, new, personal/romantic and even family. Sometimes we outgrow people and that’s okay. Speaking as a first generation student, people were not always understanding of how rigorous my course load was and how hard it was to fully take care of myself.
  • Get involved and stay involved I was miserable with college life until I got involved. It allowed me to participate in the things I had an interest for and meet new people.
  • Try not to procrastinate Because it only stresses you out. I promise.
  • Have Fun! College is a time to explore and let loose! While it’s important to take college serious, its necessary to balance it out with some fun! Whether it’s partying, joining organizations or whatever peaks your interest!

Hope you all enjoyed this blog! MORE to come! ❤


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