Let’s Talk About Transitioning…

If you asked me 5/6 years ago if I would be wearing my natural hair without a perm or flat ironing it every chance I got, I would have laughed and replied “Never!” Truth is, in high school I saw nothing wrong with flat-ironing, dying and perming my hair.

But here I am, 22, Rocking my natural fro, protective styles and letting the heat go (for the most part).

I began my transition the summer before my junior year in high school. I stopped getting perms for nearly 6 months prior and decided to cut all of my permed hair off. My hair was just past my ears in length and I embraced the bob style. Shortly after, I began wearing sew-ins and every six-weeks I’d go to my friend Ashlies’ house and her sister,the amazing Del-lea (@LeadDidIt or @LeaLocs on Instagram) would sew in my onyx or milky way hair. I rarely wore my real hair at this point and liked being creative blending browns and blondes. (Ahhh What a Time to be alive).

My senior year of high school I began going to a stylist named Keilah (@msknash_hairartist). She totally transformed my hair. She encouraged me to stray away from perms and heat on my hair (cause believe me I wanted some creamy hair crack after a while). She is such a great hair stylist and colorist. Not to mention she has great hair extensions (@Keiluxuryextensions or #Keiluxuryextensions). I would dye my extensions almost every color imaginable- red, organge, black and of course my favorite, blonde. A little over a year ago I finally got a closure and it really helped reverse some damage done over the years from flat-ironing my “leave out.”

Around the begining of my junior year of college I began trying out natural hairstlyes and new hair products. transitioning takes patience and a certain willingness to take risks and try new things.

While trasitioning isn’t always easy, Here are some tips to help you along the way (That helped me personally) :


  1. If you haven’t already, STOP getting perms. Just look at those photos at the top, you would never be able to tell how thick and beautiful my real hair is.
  2. Stray away from using heat on your hair (blow drying is okay, but flat irons can be deadly to our hair and  your damage curl pattern).
  3. Trim your ends. (usually I get them trimmed every 3 months, with this I have seen consistent growth and healthier looking hair).
  4. Don’t shampoo with every wash (In fact I rarely if ever use shampoo as it strips the hair of natural oils. Instead, I co-wash my hair weekly, which is a process in which I just use conditioner in my hair, place a bag over it and let it sink into my hair for a few hours).
  5. Wear protective styles! (Braids, sew-ins and other protective styles can help with hair growth as you won’t constantly be combing and brushing your hair).
  6. Try new products (Expenive doesn’t always mean better, but I usually go with some of the pricer brands (because I often use less product with these brands, hence it lasts longer) such as Mielle Organics, Mane Choice and Shea Moisture).
  7. Utilize YouTube (No one starts out as an expert, I used YouTube to learn how to do all sorts of styles including twist outs, laying edges, bantu knots and more!).
  8. Read Reviews on products (It’ll help you know which products people with hair like you actually like or reccomend).
  9. Drink lots of water (it just helps everything)
  10. Hair vitamins (such as hair skin and nails vitamins, Biotin, Vitamin E, Mielle Organics hair vitamins)

I will have another hair blog dropping tonight that will include some of my favorite products, those I don’t reccomend, cheaper options, what I use for twist outs (and other styles), as well as some of my favorite looks.



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