“God’s Plan” Breaks The Internet

Drake seemed to be a little “under the radar” as of late, but in January, the mogul dropped a couple surprise songs for fans on a 2- song EP titled: Scary Hours. They  instantly created a buzz as he addressed rumors, his identity and successes. He also released new music and a video with rapper Blockboy JB, which immediately gained popularity and has everyone doing JB’s “Shoot dance.” (Checkout the vidoe on YouTube HERE).

Filmed by Karena Evans, this video is nothing short of amazing. Drake mentions his successes in music, life and knows that although he has haters/doubters, that won’t stop him from attaining what’s in his destiny.

“God’s Plan” visual opens with the claim that the budget for the video was $996,631.90, and that it was all given away. Throughout, drake is in various places surpising people with his presence, gifts, shopping sprees, toys, cars and scholarships.


Via Drake’s Instagram- @ChampagnePapi

I can’t lie, I shed a couple tears. The video genuinly made me think about how important it is to help others and leave a legacy. He could have easily made this video about him, and showcased himself driving foreign cars, with beautiful women in the club living “the life” but I really admired this approach and you can all check it out on YouTube HERE !

Drake also urged his followers on Instagram to “go out and do something for someone” on his story:

Via Drake’s Instagram Story – @ChampagnePapi

Let me know what you think about the video on Twitter @DeidreHBlogs or Instagram @DeidreHasan


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