DVSN’s Morning After Album Review

Until writing this blog I had absolutely NO CLUE DVSN was two different people. DVSN is a RnB singing duo from Canada. They are signed to none other than Toronto native, Drake.  Daniel Daley and nineteen85 (who was a producer on hits such as Drake’s “Hold On” and “Hotline Bling,” according to Apple Music) gained a ton of popularity back in 2015 when they dropped hits like  “Too Deep” and “With Me,” which were both featured on their Album SEPT 5TH.

As with other artists signed to OVO Sound such as Roy Woods and PARTYNEXTDOOR, Their music tells deep, intimate stories, while maintaining great production and slow jams that’ll get you through that long night or car ride.


dvsn duo
image taken from GOOGLE

I honestly could not stop listening to this album once I started. There are so many well put together, smoove songs on Morning After. There is something about this album that gives me an old school, 90s R&B feel. This album is definitely one for the ladies. Its nice to hear an album full of songs of men admitting they could have/should have done better in a given relationship. Not only that, but Some songs such as “Body Smile” talks exactly how he’ll be better in the future. *Ahhh refreshing

PLEASE checkout this album if you appreciate well put together music and Falsettos.

Top 5 Top 5:

  1. Don’t Choose
  2. Mood
  3. P.O.V.
  4. Morning After
  5. Body Smile

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