Insecure’s Impact And Why YOU Should Be Tuning In

Actress, author and writer Issa Rae has been making a name for herself before her hit show “Insecure” premiered on HBO in 2016. Issa’s humor and self proclaimed  “awkwardness ” has garnered her over 23 million views on her web series’ and 200,000 subscribers on youtube, according to

The 32-year-old created a show that is undeniably relatable to almost every person who tunes in on Sunday nights! Season 2 aired this past July, and the fanbase is growing exponentially.

insecure blog 2 season 2

The 30-minute show (Which needs to be an hour, please Issa?) focuses on several everyday life situations. Whether its breakups, hookups, workplace situations, friendships or getting your frustrations out by rapping in a bathroom mirror, Insecure has it all!

For those of you who have not seen Insecure, (first of all get on it!!!) it focuses on the friendship of two main characters and their lives. Issa is in a deteriorating relationship with long time boyfriend “Lawerence” who is unemployed and has been for a while, although he is working on a app he think will be big. Issa works for a non-profit where she faces various obstacles in helping youth be academically successful and faces micro-aggressions from co-workers quite often. She also lets out her frustrations by rapping which is usually always a funny part of the show.

insecure blog 3 - CAST
Cast of Insecure

Molly is the fun, lawyer living life. She is moving up in the ranks at an associate at a law firm and is quite successful. Molly is the opposite of Issa in almost every way but they balance each other out. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and is straight forward when she sees something she wants.

They also have two other friends that complete their small “clique.” Kelli is the funny friend who doesn’t know the meaning of a time and a place for everything. Tiffany is the “bougie” friend, and the only one married in the group. She is very extra and gives a lot of unwarranted advice.

The four of these ladies are very different but together we as viewers can identify with the characters in some way or another.

insecure friends

I personally can identify a lot with what Insecure showcases. For instance we all have had a break up with the one we’d thought we’d marry, or went lurking on the new boo’s page. Had our heart broken. Felt lonely. Cried. Lived a little. Tried to get over him/her. Tried to get back with him/her. We have all had our moments of weakness and made mistakes when it comes to the relationships we engage in. Yet life keeps rolling on.

Insecure touches on a lot of taboo topics and has a ton of male nudity which was odd seeing at first, but it fair considering women’s bodies’ are always showcased on TV and in music videos. Another thing I love about the show is a lot of the supporting actors/actresses are young up and coming, which gives them a creative space to shine and gain experience on a major platform in HBO. Insecure also has bomb soundtracks and features artists like Dreezy, Sza and, GoldLink, Kari Faux and MORE!!!

Checkout the soundtrack on iTunes!

I highly recommend this show to EVERYONE. Not only is it addicting, but it is totally relatable to me as a black woman in 2017.



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