MUST SEE Documentaries on Netflix

Anyone who knows me knows just how much of a “documentary junkie” I am. From crime, success stories, or even history, I love a good documentary.

One of the main reasons I love documentaries is my love for gaining knowledge about events that have occurred in the past or figures that are popular in American culture.

Netflix has some really great documentaries that I think you ALL should check out! I’ll give a brief synopsis, review and rate! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution (5/5)

This documentary is absolutely amazing. Not only does it detail the story of the rise and fall of the global organization known as the Black Panther Party, but it includes interviews from members who were apart of the movement. One major thing I learned about the party was not only did the BPP grow to be a big organization, but they were all about helping the community as well (which is something often left out when we hear about the party).

documentary blog bpp

A Murder In The Park (4/5)

This jaw dropping documentary details the murder of a young couple one night at a park. While several witnesses come forward, there are various versions of the events that took place. Journalism students get one man free and send another to prison. Who actually committed the crime? Watch and find out! (A lot of twists and turns!)

a murder in the park documentary

13th (4/5)

“13th” accounts laws and injustices within our system that has significantly increased the prison population by double in a couple decades. Interestingly enough, although African Americans only account for about 13 percent of the United States Population, nearly half of the 2 million prisoners are African American. This documentary is filled with facts and useful information.


Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer (3.7/5)

This chilling documentary chronicles the life and death of a woman considered to be America’s first woman serial killer. After having a rough childhood, Aileen moved around and was an escort. Did she kill her clients in self defense or were these murders pre meditated? Check out this very interesting documentary!

aileen documentary blog

A Genius Leaves the Hood: The Unauthorized Story of Jay-Z (3/5)

This documentary examines the rise of Jay Z, and includes interviews from those who were there with him from the beginning of his career to business partners he has had. While Jay-Z was not apart of the documentary himself, It gave me new perspective of the mogul.

a genius leaves the hood documentary blog

The Keepers (5/5)

I will admit… I was VERY hesitant to watch this documentary. Not only does it detail the murder of nun and school teacher Catherine Cesnik, but several sexually abused students detailed how the man the confided in was corrupt and sick. Will anyone be convicted? Who killed the young nun and why? I URGE you all to go check this out. As someone who was not super familiar with Catholicism, I truly learned how much power the church does yield.

the keepers documentary blog



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