Growing and Glowing

Sometimes life moves so fast we don’t take the time to truly realize our growth. Lately I’ve been reflecting about how much I have grown in every aspect. From how I handle certain situations to “Adulting.”

While I’m no expert, I feel like I have some tips to grow when transitioning into early adulthood. Some I have learned along the way, and others I have always lived by.


  1. Cut off toxic relationships- It seems we always realize a relationship is toxic after things go south. We don’t pay attention to the signs (or worse we ignore them), we make excuses for unacceptable behavior or we’re blinded by “love.” Cutting ties with those who aren’t rooting for you or helping you grow is important to the glow up.
  2. Stay Organized-  Simply because it just makes life easier. I feel like I can think better in a clean space. Also staying organized in the literal sense is key. Planning out your week, filling it with tasks and goals is important.
  3. Keep A positive outlook- It may seem cliche, but a positive mindset can make all the difference. So many times we find ourselves in tough situations and it feels like nothing is going right. By staying positive, it keeps you motivated to change your circumstances.
  4. Let it out, let it GO – I usually vent to close friends and family, otherwise I keep a journal, write a song/poem to reflect how I am feeling. I find this useful for getting things off of my chest. I used to keep my emotions bottled up and I found when I’d been pushed to my boiling point, I’d explode and be super angry, but when I let it out in a way that is comfortable for me, my problems may still exist, but not affect me as much.
  5. Take responsibility for your actions- As tough as it may be, you have to realize certain situations occur because of  YOU. The important thing to remember is we are all humans and make mistakes but the key is to learn from them and move differently in the future.
  6. Take Risks- All throughout college I’ve heard the sayings “get comfortable with being uncomfortable,” or “If you’re not uncomfortable you’re not growing” I couldn’t agree more. Some of my best experiences and productive conversations came out of vulnerable, uncomfortable situations.

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