Throwback No Thursday- Junior Year in Review

Its crazy to sit here and think that I have completed three entire years at Marquette University. While I face hardships and adversities, college has proved to be an amazing experience and very rewarding.

This year I was on a mission to do better and be better. I made it my mission to get involved and start creating my brand. I kicked it off with becoming part of Black Student Council, as the social media coordinator. With this position, I was able to share events with both the Marquette and Milwaukee Communities.

We kicked off the semester by hosting BSC’s second annual “Lolla” which is a music event like that hosted in Chicago every summer. We had several local acts from the Midwest perform. Some of which include: Denny Lanez, Munch Lauren and Paper Stacks to name a few. It was a great time with great vibes. Not to mention the BSC corner store, which is always clutch.

I of course was the “hostess with the mostess”


















After several pro-life flags were placed across campus but there was no mention by my university as to of all of the black lives lost in a matter of days at the hands of police officers, a few of us students took matters into our own hands. We organized and held a “Black Angels Memorial,” To recognize and remember all of the innocent lives taken at the hands of police.

This was an event that really touched me. around 100 people gathered outside of the Alumni Memorial Union to release a balloon for all those we have lost. I actually dropped a few tears as we, one by one, read the names of each person killed and their age.

This event not only brought awareness and togetherness to our community, but sparked my passion to be more aware of just how serious of an issue police brutality/violence really is and its affects on us mentally.


People grabbing their balloons before the release.   


This year I was also able to participate in community service and support some great causes. Service with Black Student Council was usually on Saturday mornings, and while it wasn’t always easy getting up early, the feeling I got from giving back made everything well worth it.

*Read the captions under each picture to see some of the places I did service*


Welcoming students back to school at Hopkins Lloyd School 🙂


Working with the “Clean Slate” initiative
bsc service
Cleaning up Alice’s Garden
bsc service 2
Helping beautify Rufus King on Martin Luther King Jr.


College is not always homework and studying… we have fun too! This year we kicked off the semester with a collaboration event like no other. “Afro-beats” was a party including hip-hop, Reggae and Afro-beats music. Afro beats was an epic event that Brought different cultures together. I even learned a few new dance moves (which is always great).

* This picture about sums up the night*

photo by: Isioma

In February BSC had their second annual “Black Love Week,” which had several events. We opened with Shaun King, a journalist and civil rights activist and closed with a game night.

I also had the honor of listening to activist Angela Davis at Marquette. She spoke so eloquently and was compelling, as she talked about all of the things she went through in her and about the various movements she was apart of.

BSC & Shaun King.
Paint night. Instructed by the lovely Lauren Gilbert!
“ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER” W/ the LGBTQ+ resource center

After a really fun spring break in Houston, I flew back in early to host a “Master Class,” learning about the Success of people like Pastor Lock, Chad Roper, D.C. Young Fly and Ernestine Johnson. It was great experience as far as interviewing goes and definitely pushed me to network more!

Ignore Micah’s shoes… we had a long day lol


I also participated in Marquette’s African Student Association scholarship pageant. There were various portions: talent, cultural pride, community, Evening gown & question.  I sang Rihanna’s “Stay” and made a video about the versatility of African-American Women’s hair. For the community portion my friend Eduardo and I created a poem showing the similarities among our struggles and how we should come together. Here is an excerpt of my portion: (hope you enjoy it!!!)

“I’m from a place they call the hood

Where the corner stores are overpriced and the meat is no good

They say we steal and rob from them but they’ve always took from us

Closing down school after school but there are 5 liquor stores near us

1 in 8 will see prison or jail

But our men get degrees too. Thats a story they don’t often tell

Take our fathers away and laugh at the fact we don’t have one

Felony on his record, can’t vote, privileges they don’t Have none

do you get it? Or do I need to rephrase… reiterate

This poverty I made it my goal to escape

They were take from their native land

Their culture they had to abandon

They died, marched and fought for me

So I made it my mission to be all I could be

its possible for the apple to fall far from the tree”

I ultimately won the pageant and I felt so accomplished because I worked hard to get each aspect together.


Mr. and Ms. Africa. (Eddie and I)


Another really big part of the year that I received much success and happiness was my radio show “The Real 2.0” on Marquette radio. I, for the first time had several guests such as Denny Lanez , Mudy, PaperStacks and Rob K. Although I did the show alone I grew my social media presence on Instagram and Facebook. I had an overwhelming amount of supporters and even had a write up on my show which you can view here. My show will be back and better than ever this fall!

**Pictured: Rob K and Jamil Hines from Thrones of Greatness  (T.O.G)


**Checkout my review of Rob K’s “The Comfort Zone

This School year definitely had its challenges but the rewards were overwhelming. I gained some great connections and brought my grades up taking the most credits I’ve ever taken (18). I also got my first internship with a small record label based out of Atlanta. I learned that its okay to lose irrelevant people when you’re on a mission to do amazing things.

BSC hosted its annual Ebony Ball with a renaissance theme. Chris DJ’d (DJ New Wave) and the turnout was amazing! We literally danced the night away and Brough good vibes to Marquette. Huge shoutout to my E-board y’all were amazing and it was a pleasure! See y’all in August!

**Pictured: BSC E-Board (Slaaaaaying!)




Goals for next semester:

  • Find more internships
  • Keep raising grades
  • get more educated about possible other jobs I can get with my degree
  • make more time to workout
  • spend less money on unnecessary things

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