Rob K “The Comfort Zone”

After releasing several successful singles such as ” I Wanna Know ” featuring Yhadie and “Beautiful ” featuring Quron Payne, Rob K released his first project titled: The Comfort Zone.

With just two features from Milwaukee’s very own Sawyer Gibson and Titus Howard, fans really get to know Rob as an artist and personal struggles that it took to create this EP.

The intro perfectly sets the tone for what you experience when listening to The Comfort Zone. Rob lets the world know how music helped him get in his “comfort zone”. He expresses his thanks for all the support he has received and the team he has built along the way known as Thrones of Greatness or simply T.O.G

This is definitely an album for the ladies. Not an inch of disrespect in lyrics – just loving and appreciating the woman. (Refreshing to hear right?)



Since there are just 5 songs (Not including intro/outro) I’ll briefly list my top 3 in order of my favorite!

  1. “Beautiful Woman” –  Rob sings about a determined, beautiful and loyal woman. It ends with some amazing poetry from Titus Howard. My favorite line form his part is when he says, “Not worried about your flaws let them be the canvas and watch me turn them to a masterpiece.”
  2. “New Wave” Knowing what she likes and taking her there! who doesn’t love bae-cations? He sings about T.O.G and how they are the new wave. Out with the old, in with the New (wave).
  3. “Movie” This was the leading single for The Comfort Zone. This is definitely a song for the ladies. If you’re on that “late night creep,” listen to this to get you in the mood.I Love the chorus in particular because it flows so smoothly.

Rob K was just featured on The article was highlighting his single “Radio.” wishing Rob and T.O.G much success and hopefully I’ll get them into @TheReal2point0 soon!

*** Never fret, the album is available on both Apple music and Google play. 


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