New Year, Who Dis?

So its that time of year again. Its that point of the year when you see people posting all over social media things like “In 2017…” followed by a goal or something they hope to change in order to better themselves in 2017.

Whats wrong with new year’s resolutions?…


While I do feel if you want to change something you can do it whenever, the end of a long year gives you time to reflect on what went well and what you need to improve on. You aren’t getting any younger, so why not take the time out to change a few things about yourself for better results in 2017?

I am big on making resolutions because it gives me motivation and hopefully a new 365 days to accomplish something. Last year my niece and I made “vision boards.” These included material possessions, personal goals and activities we wanted to participate in. I had things like working out, learning more about makeup and saving. While I did not completely accomplish everything I did make strides on several of the things listed.

Another thing I did was made a blessing jar. Included was a little note detailing every time something good happened to me. While I’m sure I did not include everything in this crazy year, I plan to look at all of the notes and end the year realizing how blessed I am versus all of the negative. I got the idea from media maven Karen Civil after reading her book-  Be You & Live Civil: Tools for Unlocking Your Potential & Living Your Purpose. I suggest this as well because while its important to be continuously growing and making changes, it is also important to take the time to realize you are blessed no matter how bad things seem.

Things That Are OUT for me in 2016:

  • Wasting time. Its all we have.
  • Holding onto broken relationships. That includes intimate and personal.
  • Soda (for obvious reasons)

New Year’s Resolutions for ME:

  1. I honestly need to become better at saving my money.
  2. I need to get in the gym because I do not plan on being in Milwaukee this summer so I’m trying to make sure I look bomb on somebody beach
  3. Be more consistent with my blogs and building my brand

Those are my top 3… COMMENT some of yours!

I wish everyone a productive and prosperous new year!



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