Jacob Latimore’s CONNECTION

2016 provided us with an array of great albums. Jacob Latimore’s “CONNECTION” proves to be no different.

The 20-year-old Milwaukee Native dropped this debut album December 9th, 2016 and the people have been raving about it!

His leading single “The Real” featured another Milwaukee Native- Ishdarr, and gave off both summer and West Coast vibes. The video is super fun and features several other local artists, models and entrepreneurs.

This album is definitely worth checking out. Latimore doesn’t hold back talking about relationships and love! “CONNECTION” only has one feature which to me is a great thing because we can truly see and hear the artists talent.

Don’t get it twisted Latimore doesn’t only sing, but he is a triple threat as he is also a great dancer and an actor. He has starred in several films, his most recent alongside Will Smith in “Collateral Beauty.”

This album is fun and shows fans a grown side of Jacob. I love it and you will too!

Top 5. Top 5. Top 5.

  1. Say Less
  2. Mutual
  3. Love Drug
  4. The Real
  5. Advertise It

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