Playlists to get you Through Whatever Kind of Week You’re Having

(Yes I know my feature photo is lit, He’s STILL MY president!)

I am a BIG fan of apple music. Not only can you pretty much access any album/songs right away, but they composite playlists for you based on the genres of music you search most often and music currently in your library.

Major KEY: By searching any mainstream artists- like drake, Rihanna, Usher, Michael Jackson etc. you can find all sorts of playlists with just their music! For example, Michael Jackson’s playlist includes music stemming from his early career to music that was released after he died. Drake has all sorts of playlists depending on your mood.

I composited a few playlists that I listen to at work, walking to class or even doing homework! I hope you check them out and vibe out to some good music!

  1.  Mary J. Blige Essentials **New Release Alert: “Thick Of It”
    1. Although I’m a 90s baby, I think I almost forgot just how much of a legend Mary is. This playlist has everything from “I’m Goin’ Down” to “Family Affair”
  2. Usher Essentials **Latest Release: Album “Hard Love II”
    1. This playlist is super lit! Usher dances through decades with this one!
  3. Guest List: Jay Z and Beyonce Collaborations
    1. This playlist has basically every good some Jay and Queen Bey made together! Everything from the beginning of their relationship with “Crazy in Love” and ride their ride or die song “Part II (on the run)”.
  4. The A- List: Hip Hop *Updated almost daily!
    1. This playlist helps me keep up with the hottest hip hop songs. Not only does it always have new music, but it also has artists who aren’t yet mainstream but dope! features from artists like Milwaukee’s own IshDARR, Buddy, Amine and A boogie Wit da Hoodie, Apple music truly captures the lit hip hop being released! Definitely check this one out!
  5. Meek Mill vs. Drake **Meeks Latest release DC4, Check it out! He got a W on this one! (no shade, maybe a little. It’s all love )
    1. While these two have had their feuds they make really great but different music. This playlists goes back and forth playing their best tracks.
  6. The A-List R&B **Features “The Real” by Jacob Latimore ft. IshDARR (Milwaukee Natives!)
    1. This playlist is full with the new-school R&B music, everything from Kehlani, D.R.A.M. to Bruno Mars. I personally love this song called “Losing” by H.E.R!  Check this one out if you’re on that ride home from work, class, or simply unwinding for the day!

I hope you all enjoy at least a few of these playlists if not all. I hope they bring back good memories and help expand your music collection! Let me know if you have any suggestions for me!

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