Almost Christmas Movie Review

Premiering November 11th, 2016 ” Almost Christmas” was filled with humor and truly showed the dynamics of a dysfunctional family.

After losing his wife suddenly, Mr. Meyers still plans on having the holiday’s at the home he raised his children in. There is only one itty-bitty problem – his children don’t exactly get along.

Like all families there are disagreements, fights and sisters who cannot cook. Arriving 5 days before Christmas, will they actually make it to open the gifts?


Sometimes a star-studded cast often takes away from the plot, however this cast proves to aid in telling this story.”Almost Christmas”features several vets on the acting scene and some newbies like popular “vine-r” turned comedian DC Young Fly and Jessie T. Usher, who is on the hit show “Survivor’s Remorse.”

This movie has some unique twists and turns but turned out to be quite funny and truly showed a difference in millennial’s and older generations. with each sibling in a different place in life- in School, rocky relationships, and politics will the Meyers make it to Christmas? Will the Macaroni be good? Go see this movie and find out for yourself!

For a list of characters and another trailer click here

Rating: 3.8/5


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