Natural Hair; An Adjustment

This summer I started this amazing natural hair journey using very minimal heat in my hair and being “weave-less.”

While it was definitely an adjustment, I found myself loving the twist-out, wash-and-go Deidre, versus the fabulous Beyonce blonde that I had before. (Don’t get me wrong, @msknash_hairartist gets me RIGHT EVERY TIME! check her out on Instagram, best bundles I ever used! )

Those that know me know just how much I absolutely love wearing hair extensions. I can get whatever color(s) I want, and swing it around when I get in my zone dancing at parties and the maintenance is fairly low.

One thing I found the most beneficial about being natural is how healthy and long my hair grew. Another thing that made this process easier was Youtube! I could literally see what products vloggers used and what quality they were rated.


If this isn’t the truth!

The true test came once school started back up. Spending two hours detangling and twisting up my hair is almost impossible to do more than once a week. That’s where hats and ponytails came into play. Overall I would say that being natural is totally worth it as long as you have time to maintain your hair. Otherwise there is nothing wrong with wearing protective styles!

Here are some products/styles  that I recommend for those transitioning:


mielle organics .jpg  I Absolutely love the Almond mint oil. Great for twist-outs and has that lovely mint scent. The Co-Wash is also pretty good. It has a light scent and definitely gets the job done! Product rating: 8/10

brushesThese brushes are a necessity to me. They are a bit pricy but worth the investment (about $10 at Sally’s), great for detangling hair after a wash or when you’re putting your hair up into a natural style. I have had mine for about a year and its still in good condition! Product rating: 10/10

coconut-oilThere are several coconut oil brands out there but this is simply the one I have been using. First of all this is great for keeping hair oiled and it also lasts a long time! I use coconut oil about two times a month and I have pretty thick hair however my jar barely looks used. It also has multiple purposes such as cooking and can even clear up skin and moisturize the body! product rating: 8/10 (because I did not use it often enough to give a really in depth rating).

eden hair products.jpgThis curl defining creme has a nice light Scent to it. I used it for about a month doing a few different natural hair styles and I like it overall. It was my first time using this brand but I love that it isn’t too scent heavy and  works great for my flat-twist natural style. Product Rating: 8/10

eco-styler-gelHoney, this Sh*t right here will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. There are several different kinds of the Eco-Styler brand gels but this one happens to be my favorite because I love the scent. This gel will hold on your edges or hairstyles perfectly! I got a big jar of this for about ($6) and I have had it for about 4 months and I still have about half left. You don’t have to use a ton to get that sleek look. I used it mostly for my edges and sleek ponytails. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone transitioning to being natural! Product Rating: 10/10!!!!

lotta-bodyApparently this brand has been around for a while, but I first seen it on an associate’s page who does hair and is AMAZING at the natural styles! (@Amber_Belovely on Instagram). This is the first product I used when I started transitioning to being natural. I love the scent and how my hair turned out when I did flat twists. It’s also fairly cheap compared to other products (about $5) Product Rating: 9/10

shea-moistureI Recently tried out the Shea Moisture products and I am in love! from the scent to how my hair felt after one use. For me wash day is important because it gives me the oil-less, light weight hair I need for a perfect twist out! These products do just that. It has lasted me a little longer than other brands do! (I usually use OGX brand which works well too) Product Rating: 10/10!

Here are some of my fave looks using various products above!

Selfie via- Deidre’s iPhone 6s

I hope everyone found this helpful!




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