A Seat At The Table: The Album 2016 needed

2016 has seen some AMAZING music and Solange did not come to play honey!

I literally have had this album on repeat since it came out.

Solange released “A Seat At The Table” September 30, 2016 and her fans haven’t stopped raving over this album. Today Billboard announced the singer has the number 1 album on their top 200 list (This is the first for her music career). The reviews have been overall very positive and Solange has silenced the critics thats for sure.

Known a little too often for being “Beyonce’s sister,” Solange told us to sit down at the table to sip on that Lemonade.

(Because I’m pretty sure this album will go gold)


This album is Pro-black. This album is pro-woman. This album is about hair. This album reflects what it means to be black. This album has some amazing interludes. This album speaks to my soul, and I’m sure the souls of many other people worldwide. This album gave me chills. This album is something 2016 NEEDED. This album is something our culture needed.

If you did not know, now you do. Solange is a Mother, a sister a singer, actress and an activist.

The visuals released from the album are absolutely well thought out and creative. The stylish singer did not hold back as she serves some amazing looks and shows off her dancing skills.

“A Seat At The Table” includes features from Lil Wayne, Sampha, The- Dream, Kelela, BJ The Chicago Kid and Q-Tip. There are also several appropriate interludes in between some of the songs that include: Tina Lawson, Matthew Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Nia Andrews.

If there was a part 2 to Beyonce’s Lemonade, this is surely it!

Top 5 Top 5:

  1. Cranes in the sky
  2. Mad
  3. Don’t touch my hair
  4. Interlude: No Limits
  5. F.U.B.U



Official video for ” Cranes In The Sky

Official video for ” Don’t Touch My Hair


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