sophomore year

Attending Marquette is probably one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.

As freshman year wasn’t as enjoyable for me a sophomore year was, I let my social life and other factors affect what was the most important- my grades.

Sophomore year was a time for new experiences, getting involved and I finally figured out what I want to do in life! While my second year at Marquette was great it surely had its testing moments.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the different factors that affected my year, both positive and negative! Enjoy.


I felt like college was getting easy for me, but I realized I  wasn’t trying hard enough. I let other factors like living arrangements and over working, stress ya girl out. I promise myself this year I’m going harder than ever and I won’t let anything or anyone stop me!

During the beginning of first semester I realized I no longer wanted to be a journalism major. Although I absolutely love writing, the AP style book was not my best friend. Instead I decided to just keep one of my majors (communication studies) and I added a minor (advertising).

I also figured out that I am very interested in radio! At the beginning of the semester I had the honor of attending a live taping of “The Breakfast Club!” I also got to meet and chat with all three hosts!


Social Stuff:

After the amazing experience of meeting hosts from the breakfast club, I decided I wanted to have a radio show on campus with one of my friends (Juwana). It was truly an amazing experience because not only was it fun but we got to play whatever music we liked and talked about current events. We also made social media pages for our show and got to connect with listeners!IMG_3985









During the fall semester I also had the honor of participating in the Miss Black & Gold Scholarship Pageant. There were 6 other girls who participated alongside me! Although I didn’t “win” I walked away with a new network of friends and I got to meet some amazing people both the contestants, past contestants and of course the men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated! I stepped out of my comfort zone and it felt great.


Although I dropped my journalism major, I still love writing. I also love sports and I was honored to meet two of my favorite sports analysts – Jemele Hill and Michael Smith! As soon as a friend and I walked into their talk at our school we saw them chatting. I got enough courage to walk up to them before they went up to speak and I introduced myself, made a little conversation and got a nice picture! They were really down to earth. It was very inspiring hearing their stories and how they view success.


I got involved more this year by going to more social clubs like Marquette’s Black Student Council. The meetings offered me a sense of comfort and it gave me a chance to meet some amazing people if I must say so myself. I was not only educated and learned more about my people/culture, but I got to talk about important issues in America that I wasn’t as comfortable talking about in class.

I was very interested in everything BSC had to offer and I had the pleasure of hosting the second annual Ebony Ball (of the revamped BSC), alongside Trevon Wesley who is amazing and was a great co-host!

Photo Credit: Eric Rogers Me, President Lovell and Trevon
Photo Credit: Eric Rogers  (Slaying with the crew)

Those are just a few highlights of an amazing year!

I am now apart of BSC, I serve as the social media coordinator and I hope to do some innovative things with my position.

Having a Job and going to school:

I mainly take care of myself and I decided to get my own apartment to focus more and to simply have my own space. That meant bills and working more than usual. It was really stressful to balance it all out, but the way I look at it, this will be one hell of a chapter in my story.

I will say looking back I would have just stayed in the dorms and took that student loan debt versus having to pay rent (Because who’d rather spend $600 a month on rent when they could go shopping). But an advantage I have now is that I’ve made that mistake, and now I know what went wrong and how to better manage my finances once school begins again.

Biggest Lessons:

  • Get involved. It definitely makes for a better college experience.
  • Have fun. Its okay to go out and party sometimes cause soon you’ll be adulating and working on weekends.
  • Its okay to not know exactly what you want to do. I want to do a million things but I decided to drop my journalism major because although I am passionate about writing I like to be more creative and do things my way.
  • Connections are important. This year I really put myself out there and tried to be involved so I could build my network. I even stepped up my Linked in Profile!
  • Its important to let your voice be heard. With all of the recent events as well as past events involving injustice, its important to speak up and participate in class even though it can be kind of intimidating.

I look forward to an even more progressive junior year!



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