Leaving the nest tips.

I’m on apartment two at this point, and I think I’ve learned a lot about living on my own. No it isn’t easy and yes sometimes it gets stressful, but this blog is gonna have some tips to make transitioning a little easier.

Taken from: larrywingo.com

Tip 1: you don’t need everything right away

Moving is already expensive, so to make it a little easier just get the things you absolutely need and let the rest come later. (you could also have a housewarming and tell people what you need!)

  • Many apartments come with appliances so you won’t have to worry about that. All you need is your bed, wifi and a computer/laptop to start off. Of course you’ll need toiletries,  some food  and cleaning supplies but we’ll get to that later.
  • couches/TV’s aren’t needed right away unless you plan on having people over.
    • When getting furniture, remember you’re still young and you can get quality if you want, but i recommend a basic futon or a gently used living room set (that way if you have parties it won’t be a major loss because of spills and other possible damages).

Tip 2: Don’t buy a ton of food when you go to the store.

  • You’ll need the essentials like : bread, milk, butter, sugar, seasonings, but don’t go overboard, especially if you live by yourself like me.
  • I would make the mistake of buying a lot of fresh fruits, meat and veggies, that ultimately would go bad because I couldn’t eat them in time.
    • From that I learned its okay to eat more canned fruits and vegetables, not only are they cheaper, but more convenient for my busy lifestyle.
      • I only get fresh fruits when I know  I’m going to have people over or if I know i’ll eat it soon enough.
      • If you happen to get big packages of meat you can always separate/freeze what you’re not using right away

Tip 3: Have multiple uses for the food you buy

Going off of not wasting food, one good way to prevent this is to use different foods for more than one meal.

  • For example, if I make pan seared chicken breasts one night, I freeze/refrigerate  the rest and use it again maybe for chicken tacos, or a pasta dish.
  • I also buy tupperware to use for leftovers!


Major KEY Taken from: youtube.com

Tip 4: Turn off ALL lights/appliances when they aren’t in use!

  • This one is probably the easiest to do. I knew living on my own would be tough, on top of rent and other bills I did not want to have to worry about a high electricity bill as well.
  • Before I leave the house I make sure everything is turned off and I try to unplug my microwave, TV’s and any other things that are plugged up but not in use. (Although I may forget this tip at times, I promise if you do it most of the time it will make a difference).
  • This has saved me a ton of money and kept my bill where its easier to manage.

Tip 5: Have designated days for cleaning

  • When the school year rolls around, things can get hectic and that’s why I have a day or two where I clean my entire apartment.
  • while I try to keep up with dishes and not having clothes all over, it can get tough but I think organization is important. Everything has a place, put items back when you’re done!

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