Netflix & TV Series Suggestions

This year has not only been filled with some great reality TV, but also great regal-degular shows. I personally love reality TV but sometimes you want shows that are binge worthy!

I’d like to think that I have pretty good taste when it comes to movies/shows that you all should check out!

Here’s a list of my TOP 6 suggestions right now (In no particular order… kinda) :

  1. Orange Is The New Black– This show is probably one of the most anticipated series on Netflix! Fans often binge watch the season as soon as its out on Netflix and season four shouldn’t prove to be any different.
      • Why I Like it: I feel like so often we get a look at men in the prison system or mainly think of men as criminals. I never seen a show like it, and I think that’s why its unique
  2. POWER-  Power takes you into the life of several drug dealers in New York. The main character “Ghost” not only is trying to stay on top in the drug game, but balance family life and his complicated love life. This show is full of drama and surprises I absolutely love it! I literally watched the first two seasons in three days.
    • Why I Like it: Not only is the cast perfect, but I love the story line. I love the many twists and turns this show takes you on. Check it out if you’re looking for a show that will keep you on your toes and always guessing.
  3. Scandal- I’m sure many of you have at least heard of this show. Kerry Washington aka “Olivia Pope” is a former media coordinator for the white house that opens up her own crisis management firm in D.C, genius right? Pope is constantly on the move helping public figures maintain their image, no matter the circumstance.Scandal is full of flashbacks and conspiracy theories of government corruption. Olivia is such a boss but she can’t help it but have a soft spot for her love interests, that get her off track at times and lead her into some trouble.
    • Why I LOVE it: Scandal is a nail bitting, close your eyes, hold on to your seat type of show. Not only is it binge worthy but fans can’t get enough as it has already been on for 5 seasons and arguably getting better by the season.
  4. The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story OR OJ: Made in America-  The O.J. Simpson trial is not only one of the most interesting cases I have ever seen, but one of the most disturbing ones as well. These two series The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story– a one season special looks at the entire trial in depth and provides some context as to what was going on in the black country at during that time  (i.e police brutality by LAPD). OJ: Made in America Is more like an in depth documentary that looks into the career, relationship and ultimate downfall of OJ.
    • Why I LOVE it: The show is simply amazing. It took me back to that time and made me really feel as if I was there! The casting for the show is absolutely amazing as well! Not only do the characters look very similar to the people they are portraying, but they do a hell of a job at “being” them. The 5 -part documentary has phone calls, 911 calls, many pictures and videos of Nicole. It also has interviews from several people that were close to Nicole and OJ.
  5. Making A Murderer – This 10 episode series documents arguably one of the  most talked about cases in a while. Steven Avery was freed from prison after serving several years for a rape he did not commit. years later he is convicted of another crime, this crazy case has so many twists and turns its sick. I can’t lie its pretty hard to watch at times but definitely worth checking out as it has been a very controversial cad and occurred  in Wisconsin.
    • Why I Like it: It is absolutely binge worthy! Not only is this show very interesting but goes very in depth into the case/trial. The show includes a lot of footage from inside the courtroom and very personal jail calls.
  6. Revenge- Revenge is one of my favorite series of all time. Revenge is about a girl , Emily who lost her father as a child because he was set up and accused of committing terrorist acts. Although she doesn’t know all the details, what she has is a diary her father kept including all of the names of the people involved in setting him up. “Emily” plots revenge on everyone that was involved.
    • Why I LOVE it: This show will have you in tears from emotion and have you mouth dropped to the floor because of the never ending twists. Just when you think you know something- you don’t. I Love this show because it had one of the most surprising twists I’ve ever seen in a show.

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