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I probably should be doing homework right now or catching up on some TV shows while I have a little free time. Instead I Decided to make a blog post about my favorite basketball player, who just so happens to be my nephew.

I got to see Carrington’s progression first hand. I you saw C Love, as I call him, he’d have two things for sure – a Nike book bag with hooping gear and an orange Spalding basketball in his hands. There were many days he’d walk from our family restaurant to the YMCA. Basketball was truly “Life.”

One thing that always stood out to me was his athleticism. No matter what team Carrington played for he made an impact that everyone could see. He played clean and hustled each and every game I’ve ever seen him play in. He’s not afraid to shoot those mouth opening shots, or pass when he’s not hot. Carrington doesn’t try to argue with the referees or show out, he just comes to play… and that he does.

Although I wasn’t able to make every game, or record all of his highlights I was able to see his growth and everyone appreciate his greatness. finally.

During the regular season the Green Bay Phoenix held a record of 21-12 overall and a Horizon League record 11-7 ( ). This came as a surprise to many sports analysts , who predicted the Phoenix would not have a good season after the departure of the star point- guard Keifer Sykes. The team stepped up and turned doubters into believers.

In his last season as a Phoenix, Carrington set records and lit the court on fire almost every game he played. Love avaeraged  17.8 points per game, 112 assists and 85 steals this season alone. March 1st, for the first time in his college career, C Love  was named a member of All-Leauge First Team and All Defensive Team. He set the record for UWGB for number of steals in a single season. Love also reached 1,000 points and is top 5 in the nation in steals! He even scored a career high 39 points. which is the second most ever scored in Resch Center history. The list goes on (

so no pressure right? WRONG! The pressure is on now more than ever for the Phoenix to get the “W” tomorrow night against Valparaiso, who is first in the horizon league. I have no doubt in my mind that they will go out there and kill it!

*Remember diamonds are made out of pressure so go out there and shine!

This story is far from over.  Although Carrington is graduating in May with a degree in human development, he doesn’t plan on switching his jersey’s and sneakers for a suit and a desk job anytime soon.

Enjoy just Some Of Carrington’s highlights

Carrington’s Highlights

(Video edited by: Deidre Hasan)

Music: Nicki Minaj ft. Jeremih “Want Some More” and Rae Sremmurd “Up Like Trump”




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