Beyonce’s “Formation” is EVERYTHING

Beyonce, AKA “Queen Bey,” reminded the world that she has not lost the crown and doesn’t plan on handing it over anytime soon. The Houston native released the surprise song and video on tidal, after taking a hiatus from Instagram.

Here are a FEW reasons Beyonce’s “Formation” is EVERYTHING…

She addressed all the things people say/assume about her.  Bey tells haters to Stop it with all the “Illuminati mess.” She talked about Blue Ivy’s hair saying “I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros.” This line is important in so many ways. With all of the different standards of beauty, Beyonce is saying its okay to accept your natural features and hair!

Scenery. Each scene change gave viewers a different era and was on point.

Wardrobe. The outfits throughout were the Beyonce definitely slayed each look. From Afros and denim on denim to the gucci two-pieces and body suits, Bey gave me life honey.

The messages. One of the messages that really stood out to me was the writing on a building that said “Stop Shooting Us.” It was very fitting considering there has been so many police shootings.

I also love the marketing aspect of this whole “Formation ordeal” Not only did she release the video/song the day before the Super Bowl, but she performed it at halftime and confirmed a tour this spring!

What were some of your favorite things about the video?

She also released tour dates! Follow the link to learn MORE.

***Talk about “Breaking the Internet” #oppsBeyDidItAgain

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