Love and Hip Hop

Each and every Monday people all across the world tune into the “Love and hip hop series.” This show is truly my guilty pleasure. I don’t watch TV too much but when I do its reality TV. Lets face it a lot of the modern celebrities and club hosts are reality TV stars.

New York – The original. This one started it ALL. Although the cast has changed continuously this one to me is the most “real” out of the 3. This season features the Crazy, Sexy, Cool Cardi B, as well as several other rappers and hot New York DJ, DJ Self. Yandy has been there since the first season and is dealing with Mendecess and trying to keep the castle in order.

Atlanta- The infamous Puerto Rican Princess and Stevie J! They make the show for me. Also the beautiful and talented K. Michelle is BACK. To me this one is full of entertaining drama and good weave! Oh did I mention big butts.

Hollywood- This one has more “relevant”people that social media babies will recognize. it features old love birds Ray J and Tierra Marie. Also each one has a “baddie”although I think all of these ladies are beautiful Ms. Nikki Baby is definitely running things. We can’t forget about the guys who made me wish I was a teenager in 2002/2003 former B2K members and current actors/musicians, Lil Fizz and Omarion. (follow Omarion snapchat: @MegaaOmarion his son is adorable and him and Apryl are so cute together)

My favorite is ATL personally because right out the gate it was poppin’! I loved the “plot”and the people on the show. Which is your favorite? Comment below!!! & share so I can find out what others think!

Snapchat results: 5 people: ATL 4 people: NY 1 person: Hollywood

Twitter Poll: (@DeidreHBlogs) – 71% say ATL


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