Review of Nino’s Southern Sides Restaurant

There was no better way to end exam week for me then to eat some good soul food. Someone I know (The lovely Felisia Parris) mentioned a restaurant on the Eastside of Milwaukee called “Nino’s Southern Sides.”

First I was a bit skeptical. I have been disappointed with the service offered at various restaurants but I thought why not try it!?

For only $11.99 you can get 3 pieces of chicken or 2 pieces of fish with 2 sides and bread! I ordered the chicken with macaroni and collard greens. The chicken (all wings for me) was very fresh and tasty. The macaroni was very delicious and cheesy. The collard greens were a bit spicy but nothing a girl like me could not handle. The portions for the sides were enough for me to share with someone else if I wanted. I also got a mix of sweet tea and lemonade, which is one of my favorite drinks!

This cozy little restaurant not only exceeded my expectations but even though we placed our order 20 minutes before they closed, the staff was very nice and welcoming.

Something I really loved about Nino’s Southern Sides is that you can check your food and if there is something you don’t like they will fix it for you. I would definitly recommend this restaurant to anyone in the Milwaukee area.

Address: 4475 N. Oakland Ave Shorewood, WI 53211

Phone Number: 414-964-3663

***They offer catering upon request & Specials throughout the week!


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