My Top 5 Reasons YOU Should Watch (or Rewatch) The TV Show “A Different World”


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  1. Shows black people in college! With all of the reality shows and negative portrayals of African Americans in media, why not sit back and take in a classic that shows people in our age group getting their education and doing positive things?! This show includes popular hangouts, Greek life and dorm living.
  2. The Fashion Even though the show ran from 1987-1993, some of the trends did not stay in that era. Throughout the seasons you’ll see jordan shoes, classic NBA jerseys and women dressed professionally. I personally loved the Character “Whitley” and her style. She was always dressed in something fancy. in the later seasons when Jada Pinkett- Smith “Lena James”joined the cast, not only did Lena bring sass but she also brought a unique (“baggy” “tomboy”) type of style to the show, which is something I see very relevant today on social media and around campus.
  3. College students can relate Although the original cast changed from the first season we all could relate to at least one character. Whether it was “Denise Huxtable” the one who could never figure out what she wanted to do, or the braniac  ladies man like “Dewayne Wayne” maybe you’re overwhelmed and have a lot of pressure on you to finish school and become a doctor like “Kimberly Reese,” either way there are tons of characters who you will fall in love with and relate to!
  4. The Relationships A lot of people meet their soulmate in college. So there is no surprise that this show is filled with crushes and companionship! The main relationship that evolves season after season is “Dewayne” and “Whitley.” Although the relationship doesn’t happen right away it shows the process it took this nerd to get the picky princess. A Different World shows how they make their relationship work through internships, feuding parents and job opportunities. It also shows the unfortunate cases of abusive relationships. One of the Characters Ajai Sanders, better known as “Gina” was in an unhealthy and abusive relationship with a rapper. She had friends to help give her advice and get the help she needs.
  5. Its hilarious! This show is honestly amazing. From season to season it just gets better and better. Each 30 half-hour episode is entertaining. I enjoyed this series and in the end I had so many questions and assumptions. I also wondered what a show like this would mean to this generation. I feel like it is definitely something we need!

COMMENT BELOW & let me know if you think people would watch this show if they brought it back! who would play who?

*Check it out on Netflix!



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