CREED Movie Review

28 November, 2015

This evening I went to see the much anticipated movie Creed. Led by an amazing cast: Michael B. Jordan (“Fruitvale Station,” “The Wire,” “Friday Night Lights”), Sylvester Stallone (“Rocky”, “Expendables”,” “Rambo”) and Tessa Thompson (“For Colored Girls,” “Dear White People”).

The movie also features the amazing Phylicia Rashad, who takes in “lil Creed,”as a young boy. she plays the widow of the infamous Apollo Creed. [Did I mention that baby creed’s mother was a secret love child? *Juicy spoiler alert!] Rashad’s character “Mary Anne Creed” does not like the idea of Adonis following the steps of his father, who ultimately died from the sport of boxing.

“Creed” follows the journey of a young man on his road to win a title with the odds against him, living in the shadows of his championship father, whom he never knew, he has to create a name for himself.

Set mostly in Philadelphia, this movie not only features a well put together soundtrack including Philly’s very own Meek Mill, as well as  Tupac, Future and many other well known hip-hop artists. “Creed” also gave a look into a hobby for many in Philly, which is riding dirt bikes and four wheelers.

With the help of the legendary “Rocky Balboa,” and the encouragement of his love interest “Bianca,” Adonis trains to be as great as his father once was.

So Does Adonis “Creed” Johnson have what it takes to win it all?

I’ll be the first to admit it… I did get a teeny tiny bit emotional. The movie was honestly better than I expected.

This movie gets an A+ in my grade book! Go check this amazing movie out and let me know what you think!


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