Weave vs Natural Hair


People always ask me why do I wear weave because my natural hair is so nice and healthy. Truth is, maintaining natural hair is much more work for me personally. When I wear weave I can literally wake up and go. When I wear my natural hair I have to figure out something to do with it everyday.

Before my senior of high school year I got my hair cut into a bob. My hair didn’t go past my neck and I did not like it at all. Thats when I decided to stop getting perms because I noticed my hair was thinning out and unhealthy from too much heat being applied almost 3/4 times a week.

Thats when I decided to start getting sew ins more frequently to protect most of my  real hair. I tried out a new stylist : Keilah https://instagram.com/msknash_hairartist/ She handled my hair with care and every since then my hair has been healthy and growing. She may be a bit expensive for the average college student but her sew ins last for such a long time it is definitely worth it!

I ALSO go to Del-Lea @LeaDidIt (on social media) for my natural hair sometimes!

Besides the fact that I can protect my real hair when I wear sew-ins, I can also experiment with different colors. As you can see above I have tried a lot of different colors on my weave which is something I can’t do with my hair. Also with weave I can Flat iron, Wand, curl and wash it as much as I want without it affecting my real hair a ton.

I love my natural hair to death but its a lot to try and maintain overtime versus a sew in which for me is very low maintenance.

Whether I am wearing real hair or weave I use OGX https://ogxbeauty.com brand conditioners, shampoo’s as well as hair oils. some of my favorite conditioners and shampoo’s are Coconut oil, Vitamin E and Coconut Milk. My favorite oils I use are Coconut water and Argan Oils of Morocco.


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