Why You Should Experience College

Growing up I always said I was going to go to college. Once I moved into the dorms at Marquette University (Cobeen Hall) it all seemed so surreal.

I went to a very diverse high school (Riverside University high school – Go Tigers!) so transitioning to a college that is not only a Jesuit university but also predominately white, was a big adjustment for me. I wasn’t used to the stares when I raised my hand or some of the comments made about the city I grew up in and the people I grew up with.

My first day was the worst. I felt like I didn’t fit in at all. In each class I felt a bit uncomfortable. I felt out of my element. I didn’t see anyone that looked like me. Soon enough I got over it. I came to learn, make a difference and obtain that degree.

By the second or third week I adjusted to my schedule and got an on campus job in the Hall I lived in. It was so convenient because I could go to work two floors down from my room. Personally I would advise students to find on campus jobs. From my experience they are very flexible and gives you some spending money for necessities or just for extra spending money.

I am in a program called EOP (Educational Opportunity Program). This program has provided me with tons of help and support throughout my college career thus far. Everything from my counselor Steve to financial aid, as well as the other students in the program, most of which are first generation college students.The program provides tutoring, studying space as well as computers and printers. I started the program the summer before I began my freshmen year and I am so proud of my decision to attend such a prestigous university.

One thing I can say about attending my university is that the professors are AMAZING! Although the course load may be challenging at times I never feel like I can’t get help or don’t have enough resources. Going to Marquette has also made me more aware of issues in our society and more open-minded to certain topics. College has helped me become more of a well-rounded person.

One of the best things about college besides academics is ALL of the WONDERFUL people I have met and will meet on my journey. Its nice to be around people who are doing some of the same things as you and have the same interests.

***Deidre’s goals for 2015-2016 academic year:

-Study more

-Read more, watch less reality TV

-Get involved with something on campus (Maybe a sorority or choir)

-Balance work and school

-meet MORE people

-Go to professors office hours more often

-SAVE (between $50-$100)

–> what are your goals for the semester/school year? COMMENT BELOW!


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