Friendship! And how I’ve been successful with my relationships

Why I’ve Been Successful With My Friendships

One of the main reasons I feel like my friendships have always been so successful is because I have always remained true and honest. I never say something  about a friend that I wouldn’t say to their face. Anyone who knows me knows I’m the sweetest and most loving person ever. So if I’m angry enough to argue with someone I must be really fed up. I  also felt like I should be nice and respectful to people I came across because you never know what someone is going through in life. I would even give advice on things I had never even experienced but knew a little something about from having older sisters.

People always tell me how i’m so giving and a good person but I don’t really think i understood until I read what people posted in my year book. Besides a lot of people calling me Deyonce (which is my alter ego), I loved the fact that everyone said that they knew I would do something great. mostly everyone talked about how I was so “cool” in the sense that i was easy to talk to.

One thing I learned after loosing a friend my junior year was to not be involved with the problems of my friends (intimate) relationships. I never had a problem with females up until then. One of my friends was in an unhealthy relationship and I saw the changes. At one point we would take the bus together, (I even took an extra bus so she wouldn’t be alone. I am such a great friend right?!) hang out almost everyday after school and we would walk around before our first classes together. If you saw me you saw her! Once she got into a relationship all of that changed in an instant. As soon as I said something and told her how I felt words got twisted and I was the “bad guy.” We talked about fighting and types of stuff! After that incident I decided to never involve myself in people’s relationship issues because from my experiences thus far friends ask for advice, ignore what you say and then be mad at you for trying to help them out.


What do YOU think makes you a good friend? What have YOU learned about having friends? What conflicts have YOU faced with friends and what did you learn? (Voice your opinion in the comment go go go!)



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